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Me and The Gabriel Method

It has been my absolute honour to be Head of Coaching at The Gabriel Method for well over a decade. I was Jon’s first accredited coach spending many months working one on one with Jon learning the craft of coaching The Gabriel Method.

It is a role I have enormous passion for and one I have dedicated my professional life to developing. I love everything about The Gabriel Method. It’s simple yet profound, holistic and science based and quite simply, it works!

I’ve witnessed it transform 1,000’s of lives, with people releasing extraordinary amounts of weight, freeing themselves of chronic stress, releasing the pain of past trauma, healing their digestion, alleviating diabetes, autoimmune conditions and more.

The Gabriel Method is a weight loss program but it is so much more. I tell my clients I’ll teach them a ‘beautiful way to live’ with weight loss being just one of the many, many benefits to expect from learning to live The Gabriel Method.

Brian and Jon

My Work Experience

I am a qualified, professionally registered, clinically experienced Naturopath of 25 years and a great appeal of The Gabriel Method for me is how it works synergistically with the core naturopathic philosophy of treating the whole person, and treating the underlying cause, not just the symptoms, of disease.

In another lifetime I was a surf lifesaver and professional athlete, a sprinter specifically. From this lifestyle came a love of feeling fit and strong. It’s a feeling I wanted to share, so for many years I’ve worked as a Fitness Coach.

Working with Jon, I adapted my fitness knowledge for The Gabriel Method community and we created the hugely successful online fitness programs Gabriel Method Fitness and Fitness 4 Weight Loss.

My Collaborations

Aside from working with Jon on various projects, I’ve been fortunate to work in collaboration with James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch , founders of Food Matters, providing learning content and materials for Food Matters and FMTV.

At present you can find much of my content on one of the world’s largest online streaming channels, Gaia.

My Personal Life

With my wife Sharon and 3 kids (James, Ella and Harry) I live in the coastal city of Adelaide, Australia. We enjoy a simple life, love the beach, watching our kids play sports, family get-togethers, and nights in watching movies.

I feel blessed to have a supporting family and they are a constant source of inspiration, joy and love in my life.

I’m here to help you

Like I said before I’m passionate about sharing The Gabriel Method and have dedicated my professional life to sharing Jon’s message to the world. If The Gabriel Method resonates with you, as it does with so many, please follow your intuition. It’s telling you something, it’s telling you you’ve found the answer you’ve been looking for and it would be my pleasure, honour in fact, to help you learn and live The Gabriel Method.